Address page is done

I have completed the address page … for now.

It includes snail mail addresses for everyone I can think of on the cast of the first three movies (much thanks to for providing cast lists for me to cross off!). Where I found them, I have also included other information of interest such as Twitter names, MySpace accounts, and web sites.

I will continue to work on this page, adding the “extras” as I find them. And as work on Breaking Dawn progresses, I’ll add the names of the newer cast members (lots more Nomads … if they follow the book) and director.

Have I missed anyone? Let me know!

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I was working on a project and happened to remember that Jacob gave Bella a dreamcatcher for her birthday in New Moon.  I got to thinking that perhaps I could make a dreamcatcher or two to add to the store.  I still might, but when I ran a search for instructions on how to make dreamcatchers, I found a site dedicated to preserving Native American languages.  On their dreamcatcher page, they provide links to dreamcatchers made by authentic American Indians.  Give it a visit:

Actually, the whole website is pretty interesting.  For example, if, from the dreamcatcher page, you click on the “Native American Tribes” link at the top of the page, you’ll see a whole list of links to a wide variety of information about what seems to be hundreds of North American Indian tribes.  Of particular interest is:

At any rate, it’s a great website for learning more about North American Indians; well worth exploring.

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