First Autograph Request – Update

I got some mail today. 

On April 2, I sent two Wolves books to Chaske Spencer, via his agent, requesting that he sign the picture he liked the best anywhere inside the books.  Or, if he wasn’t comfortable doing that, he could return the books unsigned.  I included an envelope with enough postage to cover the return of the books at Media Mail rates.  Here’s a copy of the envelope I sent …

… It’s the one I found in my mailbox this evening.  Only, the books were not in the envelope.  No.  Instead, I got a nice autographed photograph of Sam Uley.

Autographed photo of Chaske Spencer as Sam Uley

Now, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or anything. I’m not. Glossy photographs like that can’t be inexpensive, and I didn’t ask for it. So, I’m glad I at least got something.  But, you know, what I really want is the books.  Signed or not, I’d really like to have the books back.  I’m rather upset that someone in New York has two copies of a really nice book about wolves that don’t belong to him/her/them. 

I’m going to sleep on this tonight and try to decide the best way to go about trying to get my books back.  Should I call?  Should I write?  Should I call and write?  Who do I call and/or write to?  I’ll give it a night or two of thought before I do anything.  Then I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank Mr. Spencer (or whoever reads his mail and sends out signed pictures) for sending me this picture.  While it’s not what I originally asked for, it will still go to help the kids at the Quileute Tribal School, and that’s a good thing.  If you’re interested in purchasing this photograph, visit the Third Wife Rez School store.


First Autograph Request

Wolf and pack life explored

I finally got everything together and sent items off with a request for autographs. I chose a book about wolves to start with, and I’m hoping to get autographs from all the members of the wolf pack. I sent two copies of the book to Chaske Spencer. It felt fitting to start there, as he’s the alpha wolf. I might try Taylor Lautner next, since he’s the beta, but he’s also the most popular wolf, so it might take longer to get him to sign something, which means I might go for the rest of the pack first.

Since all profits from the things I sell via the Third Wife Rez School Store will go to the Quileute School, I thought it’d be interesting to track the cost of everything. Initially, I was thinking that everything but the price of the books, but then I realized that I had to pay not only for postage to send the books (or other items, whatever they may be) to the people I want to autograph them, but I also need to send along return postage as well, which doubles the postage for each autograph I request. Plus, I need to send them in something. That’s why I went ahead and sent two copies of the book. (Hopefully, Chaske will agree to sign them for me!)

So, here’s a running list of all costs associated with getting these books autographed. I’ll update this post each time I pay for something else.

Total so far


 The books (I get them half-price where I work, so there’s a bit of savings)  $5.99
 Sales Tax on the books  $0.46
 Envelopes (pack of 20 10×13)  $7.99
 Sales tax on the envelopes  $0.62
 Postage (Media Mail, $2.77 each way)  $5.54