Twilight and Me

First of all, I didn’t even know the Twilight series even existed until the day before Breaking Dawn was released.  I had just started working at a national book store chain, and they were planning the midnight release party for that night.  Being a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, and having attended all the Harry Potter parties, I was naturally intrigued.  When I heard it was a story about vampires, I immediately dismissed it.  I was just not into vampire stories.  I was not interested.

Fast forward a year … my sister had devoured all the books based on recommendations from her students.  She wanted to know what they were reading so she picked up Twilight with expectations of a flighty middle-school vampire romance.  She was hooked and began pecking at me to read them.  She claimed over and over again that they had to have been written with me in mind as they were so perfectly aligned with my particular reading interests (I’m a sucker for a good romance).  I had friends and co-workers all around me extolling the wonderfulness of the stories and debating the sanity of whoever cast Cedric Diggory as the most handsome vampire ever to walk the planet.  I just chuckled to myself at their conversation, vowing never to get sucked into the vampire volcano that had obviously consumed them.

Then came Thanksgiving 2009.  My sister wanted to go watch New Moon at the theatre, and didn’t want to go alone.  She decided that I would be her date.  So, on Thanksgiving Saturday (our family get-together day) she sat me down and we watched Twilight.  The next day, she treated me to New Moon

I was a goner. 

You probably heard the slurping noises as I was sucked into the world of Twilight.  Its hold is impermeable and inescapable.  I now know more about the stories than my sister, and, with the exception of the Percy Jackson books, have read nothing but Twilight books or Twilight-related things since Thanksgiving. 

Needless to say, I’m on pins and needles, counting down the days until June 30, looking desperately for ways to chop the time into smaller, more livable bits.  The releases of the Percy Jackson movie, Robert Pattinson’s new movie, the New Moon DVD, the Twilight graphic novel, and other little things here and there are making the wait more bearable, though just barely.

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