First Autograph Request

Wolf and pack life explored

I finally got everything together and sent items off with a request for autographs. I chose a book about wolves to start with, and I’m hoping to get autographs from all the members of the wolf pack. I sent two copies of the book to Chaske Spencer. It felt fitting to start there, as he’s the alpha wolf. I might try Taylor Lautner next, since he’s the beta, but he’s also the most popular wolf, so it might take longer to get him to sign something, which means I might go for the rest of the pack first.

Since all profits from the things I sell via the Third Wife Rez School Store will go to the Quileute School, I thought it’d be interesting to track the cost of everything. Initially, I was thinking that everything but the price of the books, but then I realized that I had to pay not only for postage to send the books (or other items, whatever they may be) to the people I want to autograph them, but I also need to send along return postage as well, which doubles the postage for each autograph I request. Plus, I need to send them in something. That’s why I went ahead and sent two copies of the book. (Hopefully, Chaske will agree to sign them for me!)

So, here’s a running list of all costs associated with getting these books autographed. I’ll update this post each time I pay for something else.

Total so far


 The books (I get them half-price where I work, so there’s a bit of savings)  $5.99
 Sales Tax on the books  $0.46
 Envelopes (pack of 20 10×13)  $7.99
 Sales tax on the envelopes  $0.62
 Postage (Media Mail, $2.77 each way)  $5.54

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