The Third Wife and the Real Team Jacob

A couple weeks ago, I read a New York Times online article about the effect the Twilight Saga is having on La Push, the Quileute Reservation near Forks, Washington.  In short, despite the masses of tourists flocking to the area and the myriad products being marketed using the Quileute name and idea, the real Quileutes are not benefiting much at all; in fact, many of the Quileute families still live in poverty. 

Being a fairly recent, but no less avid, fan of the Twilight series, I found myself scouring the internet daily looking for the newest news about the books, movies, actors, and anything else remotely related to my beloved stories.  When I read this article, my heart nearly broke.  When I read that “They struggle to maintain adequate tribal housing and to support their tribal school…” I knew I had to do something.  But what?

My family background is very pro-education: my mother has an Ed.D. in education administration and has taught math for 40+ years; my sisters and I all have Masters Degrees; one sister is a middle school teacher; I have a degree in library science and have worked in elementary schools, public libraries, and other venues promoting research and reading.   I’d love to help with the housing and the other things listed in the article, but I can’t do it all, and I have to start somewhere; so, I decided to begin with the school.  Like the Third Wife in the fictional history of the Quileutes (chapter 11: Legends , Eclipse), I will do what little I can to help.

On the Quileute Wolf Pack website , I found a link to the Quileute Nation website , from which I was able to locate information about their school.  (Remember, Jacob goes to the school on the reservation, preferring the “Rez school’s exclusivity” as opposed to the Forks High public school.)  I contacted some people at the school, and heard back from someone associated with the tribe’s PR department.  They had just established a fundraising site for the school, and were working on promoting it to the fans.  Here’s what she said:

We are trying to spread the link out to reach the fans–I have also linked it through Facebook as a “cause” facebookers can support and hopefully spread word about. (I don’t know if you are a part of one of these social networks but if you are join our cause by searching “Support the Real Team Jacob!”). The donation website is:

 If you have friends that are hooked on the Twilight craze, this is an easy way to reach out to them and spread information on how to donate to the school and support the tribe directly. 

With that, my imagination started soaring.  I began to wonder what I could do to raise money for the school.  I began by making a small donation of my own, but felt that there was surely more that could be done.  Twilight fans banded together in record numbers to raise funds for Haiti … surely we could work together to help people in our own country, people who play a vitally important part of our favorite books?  I felt certain it could be done. 

I came up with tons of ideas and have absolutely no idea whether or not they are all possible.  I’ve never tried to do this before, so I don’t know the parameters of possibility for something like this.  That can be both good and bad.  We’ll see how it goes.  But I decided that a blog would be a fun way to not only track my progress as a neophyte fundraiser, but also to hopefully raise awareness among Twilight fans and hopefully garner a few donations.

So, welcome!  I hope this proves to be an interesting journey.  Please, make a donation if you can; at the very least, please let your friends know about the Quileute school fundraising project.  Together we can all make a difference in the lives of the real-life Quileutes, and in the process, make Jacob Black and his wolf pack proud of us!


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  1. hey, just found your site would love to help spread the word of your good work on our site, listed above. do you have twitter? Email? look forward to hearing from you


    • Thanks for writing! You’re my first comment! I’m still getting everything together, trying to keep working, and looking for another job all at the same time, so things aren’t going as quickly as I’d like, but they’re moving along, which is good.

      I do have Twitter; I just set it up. I don’t know a lot about Twitter, but I think you go to 3rdWifeRezSch. Maybe with the @ in front? If you can’t find it, let me know. Like I said, it’s just been set up, so there’s really nothing there at the moment, but I’d love it if you followed me!

      My email is I have a store,, and, of course, this blog! The items I’m selling at my store are all going to help the Quileute Tribal School, but if you want to donate directly to them, you can at

      If you don’t mind, I’ll add your website to my list of links on my blog; I’ve already added it to my bookmarks. I think that brings the total number of Twilight websites I’ll check daily to about 12! Egads! How did that happen! I didn’t even want to like Twilight, so how did I become a Twihard? I wrote a 4-page essay rebutting the article claiming negitive portrayals of indigenous men in Twilight. I’m going to post it now … I hadn’t thought of doing that until just now. Thanks for the idea, even if you didn’t know you gave it to me!

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